photo - Gabriel Clark, Jogjakarta 2017

photo - Gabriel Clark, Jogjakarta 2017


About josh

Joshua Santospirito is a graphic novelist, an artist, a musician and a writer who lives in Hobart, Tasmania. He enjoys sitting on his couch and avoiding making art, music and writing.

Josh grew up in suburban Melbourne and has also lived in Sydney and Alice Springs. His music, writing and art is often concerned with place and identity and other interesting things like that. He has worked in mental health as a nurse for over sixteen years in Central Australia and Hobart.


Josh’s comics and art have been published in The Monthly, Meanjin and Island. His popular and critically acclaimed first graphic novel, The Long Weekend in Alice Springs was published in 2013 and it was awarded the Chief Minister’s Northern Territory Read Non Fiction Book Award, the ComicOz Award and was shortlisted for the Ledger Awards. The Long Weekend enjoyed a major review in The Australian and continues to sell well today. It is currently in its fourth printing. 

In 2015 Swallows Part One was published, a graphic novel investigating his family history since migrating to Australia from Italy. Swallows was also shortlisted for a Ledger Award and was reviewed on Radio National. Part Two is slated for publication in late 2019.

Other projects

Publishing project - San Kessto Publications together with Nadine Kessler - art/design books, zines and graphic novels.

In the years 2014-2016 he was the creator and co-Directeur of Her Majesty’s Favourite Really Great Graphical Festival: an annual comics and illustrator’s festival in Hobart, Tasmania.

Small Press Zine Fair in Hobart since 2014.

Along with artist Matt Warren he curates Sound Klub: a series of underground experimental music performance nights based in Hobart since 2009.

Santospirito has performed strange and beautiful music since 2005 under the name Drive West Today at various Australian festivals, including MOFOs, Wide Open Space, and played concerts all over Australia and Europe.

Organisations / Associations

The Comic Art Workshop

Constance ARI

Read To Me

Watch This Space ARI

Sound Klub (with Matt Warren)

San Kessto Publications

The Small Press Zine Fair

Media, reviews and interesting links

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