Quit Your Day Job

So after about 15 years of working I go a hefty amount of leave and I quit my job and took it as a lump sum so I could take possibly up to a year off from work and make art.

Whenever I told people what I did for a crust the most common response was “Oh wow, that sounds really full on” which I always found a little difficult to respond to really. I must admit I’m a little burned out, not because the work I did was difficult, I was good at it and I enjoyed the clients and my colleagues … the main reason was the management. The Public Service doesn’t always have the best support structures. I’m sure you know this, it’s not a revolutionary statement. I mean … if your colleagues and management are good and supportive then I think most of us could do really shithouse jobs. Nursing and health is subject to human-frailties as much as anywhere. In the last few years we got a doozy of a manager and it took its toll … so when my long service leave came up I guess I decided to look after myself.

I might post from time to time about the shift in my life from working person to artist. I don’t think I’ll be making much money-making art over the next year, perhaps I’ll take on a few jobs … not sure yet. My main focus will be to work on my favourite projects - Sydney/Purgatorio and Swallows. Both are graphic novels. I think I can complete Swallows and maybe make a reasonable dent in Sydney/Purgatorio before the end of my year off and need to return to making money again.

Wish me luck!